Let’s talk Value! What’s it worth?

For several weeks now we have been talking about selling and buying your new home.  One of the salient considerations is the knowledge and understanding that buyers possess.  In other words, they are very savvy; they know what they want and they know what to pay for it.  Or…………., the current home buyer knows value.

Value is not necessarily cost, it is a measure of what something is worth as compared to what something cost.  The trick in buying something is to know what the cost should be and then buy it for that cost point or less.  If you bought an important item for less than the going cost it would represent a strong value.

If you are looking to sell your home here are some examples of what would represent a strong value.  This list (albeit brief) demonstrates that some things will cost you one amount and hopefully get your investment back when you sell.

  1. Attic insulation – adding insulation to your attic is a relatively cheap upgrade but will significantly add to the selling price of your home.  This is probably one of the few things you should consider.  Insulation represents a great Value.  Today’s photograph shows a homeowner contemplating insulation in his attic.  It’s a good idea for a spooky place.
  2. Whole house generator – adding a generator will cost you big bucks and when you sell your home you will see virtually nothing in return.  This is an excellent example of adding to cost but getting you nothing in return; it is a bad value.
  3. Cosmetic changes – typically things like painting, cleaning, and all the small items that are cosmetic in nature will add some to the price of your home but not cost you much.  These types of things represent a great value.
  4. Suggestion – we suggest you avoid the costly upgrades and those buzzers and bells that you personally like.  Remember, your buyer may not like the new Pink Tile you put down in the front foyer.

Here at Vermont Modular Homes we need to help you sell your home so that we can build you a brand new Custom Build new home.

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