Looking for a two-story home to retire in?

Let’s pretend that the home you really want to build is a Two-Story colonial where typically the bedrooms are upstairs.  Having the bedrooms and family areas on the second floor is a HUGE advantage as it creates that private space for yourselves and your family; guests don’t go upstairs.  Your guests will stay on the first floor where the living room, kitchen, dining room, and perhaps a den are all located.

The Two-Story colonial is the perfect home for a growing family and many times your heart is set on not moving when the kids grow up and move out.

  • Pro - you get to stay home where your heart and memories are.  Two-story homes are the Least Expensive home to build on a per-square-foot basis
  • Con - the master bedroom is upstairs and requires climbing the stairs all the time. As you begin to “Age in Place” those stairs tend to grow.  Magically they get longer, steeper, and more difficult.

Suggestion - We have a suggestion for you to consider as you plan your home.  We suggest that you design the first floor with a nice big closet that might be a pantry or the laundry or even simply a closet; think 6’ x 6’.  (so far this is easy!)  We also suggest that you design the second floor with another closet of the same size as the one on the first floor.  (this still seems easy!)  Here’s the tricky part.  We suggest that those two closets be stacked right on top of each other; one on the first floor and the other on the second floor but exactly up on top of the other closet.

Magic Part – now when you look in the mirror and see too much gray hair and the stairs are getting longer and longer you have a built-in area that is just perfect for a residential elevator.  And POOF, the stairs are no longer a problem and just like magic you get to “Age In Place” right where you want.

PPPPP = Poor Planning Prompts Poor Performance.  Plan ahead and the magic happens.

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