Low-E Windows are fairly high tech

I am fairly sure that most people have heard the term LOW-E glass or LOW-E windows.  It is one of those new-fangled ideas that helps.  Right?  Well yeah it is fairly new and honestly high tech.

What does LOW-E actually mean?  A LOW-E window is one whose Emissivity of Heat is Low.  Or, a Low-E window cuts down on the Emission of Heat, along with other things, all of which are good.

Virtually all new windows today are Low-E, meaning the surface of the glass that is “inside the window” is covered with a microscopic layer of oxides that accomplish several things:

  • Low-E glass reflects heat away in the summer
  • Low-E glass absorbs heat in the winter
  • Low-E glass reflects harmful Ultra-Violet rays away
  • Low-E glass relies heavily on Reflectivity
  • Low-E glass was “invented” and became popular in the 1970’s and 80’s.

With triple pane windows it is possible to install the Low-E coating TWICE which obviously doubles the protections.  The two internal voids between the Triple Panes of glass are both coated with Low-E oxides and then both voids are filled with Argon Gas.

The combination of Low-E coating and Argon Gas create a window that performs well and shows a good U-Value which we know is the measurement of heat lost through the glass. 

Since Low-E coatings reflect heat back into the house there is a heat savings while reflecting the incoming heat away during the summer.  The angle of declination of the sun and the reflective characteristics of Low-E coating accomplish heat savings in the winter while always reflecting Ultra Violet rays away.

When Low-E windows have become common place, virtually every window incorporates Low-E glass.  With the advent of Triple Pane windows it is now possible to have two applications of the Low-E coating and that greatly improves the performance of the window.

The secret to success is Low-E and Triple pane windows.

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