Lumber disputes between The US and Canada loom

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It is becoming increasingly possible that the cost of Lumber in the United States is about to take a significant jump upward, by some estimates as much as a thirty percent increase in the cost of Softwood lumber in the US.

Here’s tiny bit of background – as we all know the United States and Canada are huge trading partners, close neighbors, and without a doubt Canada is our closest friend and ally.  The long-standing love affair between the US and Canada is unique in world politics, we share the longest unprotected border in the entire world.

The vast majority of lumber being used to build American homes comes as imported soft lumber from The Canadian Northwest.  That lumber industry is a huge portion of the Canadian economy.  The American lumber industry claims that Canadian lumber is unfairly subsidized and a very long standing dispute is about to boil over.

Back in the 1980’s the differences of opinion emerged concerning lumber and within the very near future that dispute could erupt into a trade dispute of significant proportions between these two great friends.

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This entire soft lumber dispute is going to become a big deal.  Obviously, it is completely involved with both American and Canadian politics so the lumber discussions are intertwined with local politics and other issues.

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