Lumber quality is changing!

Last week we talked about how many local builders are swamped with the huge amount of knowledge needed to keep up with the plethora of Building Codes.  Modular homes are constantly inspected and are guaranteed to be 100% Compliant with all building codes!  Included in our building process are Professional Engineers and Professional Architects.  Do local builders have that depth of resources on their staff?  I doubt it.

There is another very important piece of information that needs to be included within the construction process.  Since all single-family homes are primarily built using lumber it is absolutely critical to know the quality of that lumber.  When we talk about quality we are not talking about its beauty but rather its strength. 

Lumber has always been rated by “lumber grading agencies” who randomly select samples and subject those samples to various tests to rate its 1-) its ability to bend, 2-) its density, and 3-) its tensile strength.  Those factors are very important to know.

The other day we commented on Snow Loads for a roof.  The greater the number of tons of snow the roof is rated to hold is determined by various Building Codes that dictate how the roof rafters are designed.  Things like thickness are a big factor within the calculations along with how great a span is the rafter holding.  To increase the snow load rafters:

  1. Have a shorter span
  2. Are placed closer together dispersing the weight
  3. Get increased in size
  4. Have a Species change.  The species of wood is changed from one to another to achieve greater tensile strength. 

Lumber rating agencies have been downgrading the quality of lumber, that downgrading impacts how lumber is used and how it then complies with Building Codes.

Modular home manufacturers receive the most recent and updated information about various grades of lumber.

A modular home is so highly engineered with its specifications always being calculated it is almost impossible to compete with this!  Wouldn’t you rather have a modular?!

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