More about the clothes dryer.

The other day we talked about a Clothes Dryer that worked by squeezing the moisture out of damp clothes rather than forcing hot air through the freshly washed clothes.  The heat pump clothes dryer is far more energy efficient, it simply uses a lot less electricity to accomplish the same thing as a conventional hot air clothes dryer.

One of the conventional clothes dryer’s major faults is that it forces the hot air outside the house through your dryer vent.  We have all seen this on the side of the house directly behind the dryer.  There are two major faults to this system:

  1. Energy is used to create the hot air to dry the clothes that hot air is them exhausted outside and the expensive heat is completely wasted.
  2. The dryer vent creates a significantly large hole in the house and when the dryer is not running it is a great place for Cold Air Penetration.

A Heat Pump clothes dryer has several awesome advantages:

  1. The Heat Pump extracts moisture, just like an air conditioner.  This approach uses much less energy.
  2. Since the Heat Pump clothes dryer is not exhausting air to the outside the Cold Air Penetration does NOT happen.

The Heat Pump clothes dryer has a couple disadvantages:

  1. This type of dryer is expensive.  But, don’t despair there are Energy Rebates that offset the high price and make it affordable.  And, don’t forget your energy bill will go down.
  2. Rather than exhausting moist air outside the Heat Pump clothes dryer eliminates the moisture in the clothes and as a result the dryer will “Piddle” the water away.  So, you will need to connect the dryer to a sewer line for the water.

Heat Pump clothes dryers are a fantastic improvement!

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