More about The Vermont Energy Code

We are wandering around The Vermont Energy Code and sharing with you some of the salient points but strongly suggest that you make yourself aware of what exactly is in our state’s Energy Code so that you will be an educated home owner, or home buyer, or home builder. The Energy Code is a good tool for you to use.

Here are a few random highlights:

  1. Attic Access Doors – this is the door or access point for you to go up into the attic.  Ok, we aren’t sure why you’d like to go up there; today’s newer homes have attic space that isn’t usable.  But, if you have an attic access panel it needs to be fully insulated equal to the remainder of the attic.  By the way, this almost never happens and we have specific recommendations to help.
  2. Thermostats – a programmable thermostat is required if you a conventional furnace or boiler. A programmable thermostat is also required if you use a Heat Pump.  (we love heat pumps)
  3. Oil and/or gas fired furnace must have a supply of fresh air directly supplied to the burner, it may not burn air from inside; you cannot use air from the basement, it needs to be piped in from outside.
  4. Whole House Ventilation  -  this is something that is so often overlooked.  With today’s homes being built increasingly tight it is very important to have a designed system of ventilation.  Here at Vermont Modular we have been installing Heat Recovery Ventilation systems in every home since 1998, it is that important.
  5. Lighting efficiency – we are required to use only Energy Efficient fixtures, that means a CFL or better, in 75% of the home’s lighting fixtures.

Tomorrow we will go down in the basement and see what’s going on down there.

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