More about that wonderful hot morning shower!

Yesterday we talked about the amount of electricity that is used by “The Average” American family and that “The Average” family pays roughly $650 a year just for hot water.  These figures assume you are using a fairly conventional electric hot water heater.

The normal hot water heater is an insulated tank with electric heating elements inside the tank.  The concept is virtually the same as heat being generated by your electric stove except that it heats water rather than cooking dinner.

Take a look at today’s photograph and you will probably notice that it doesn’t look like “The Average” hot water heater.

Today’s photograph shows you an Air Source Heat Pump hot water heater.  For months now we have talked about Heat Pumps and how effective they are and how they conserve power/energy. 

A Heat Pump hot water heater:

  • Transfers heat from the air to the water inside the tank.
  • Heat isn’t really created; the heat is transferred and this is how so much less energy is used
  • The concept with the Heat Pump hot water is identical to the Cold Climate Heat Pump that will heat your home.
  • The technology is identical

Heat Pump hot water heaters had advantages:

  • Highly efficient consuming a fraction of the energy of others so they are less expensive to operate
  • They do not burn fossil fuels nor do they create green-house gasses

Heat Pump hot water heaters have disadvantages:

  • Their initial cost is high, Heat Pump Hot Water heaters are expensive
  • They tend to lower the temperature of their surrounding area
  • They have a tendency to be slightly more prone to failure

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