More immportant facts about windows

The Vermont Residential Energy Code of 2015 has quite a bit to say about windows and the glass in the windows.  Since this is our State’s official stance/law we thought it might be interesting to let you in on what our state is doing:

  1. There are specific parameters and specific homes must comply with the law:
    1. Single and Two-Family dwellings
    2. Multi Family building that are either 3 stories high or less
    3. Existing structures that have a renovation and / or an addition.
    4. Log Homes – they may seem odd but Log Homes are exempt from the Energy Code and do not need to adhere to the requirements.
    5. Mobile Homes and Trailers are all covered under Federal Legislation
  2. Window Requirements:
    1. All windows must have a U-Value of 0.32 or better.  (remember we talked about U-Values on Monday of this week, go check it out again.
    2. Glazed in areas may not exceed 20% of the wall area in the home
  3. Insulation Values – (remember, we talked about R-Values several times)
    1. Ceilings – minimum R-49
    2. Sloped ceilings may have R-30 but only up to 500 SF or 20% of the ceiling areas, whichever is less.
    3. Exterior Walls – minimum R-25
    4. Basement walls must have R-20
    5. Crawl spaces – we will deal with this separately

That is a brief and very not-complete list of what is required.  We are passing along this information as the beginning of a conversation. 

Also, we would like to let you know that in every case listed above Vermont Modular exceeds and does far better than is required; yes we are very proud of our accomplishments and would love to help you build an Energy Efficient Home.

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