The NEW living room - becoming popular!

Check with any parent in America today and they will all say it is a challenge to get kids away from their devices.  It is called screen free time where the phones, tablets, lap tops, computers, TV’s and all the other things are not in front of a kid.

The other day we mentioned all sorts of new and cool ways to charge your devices.  Today let’s look at a room that is increasingly more popular – the Device Free Living Room.  Yup, an entire living room without any digital device.  I personally know of a couple families that have reserved a room where devices cannot go.

Without the ubiquitous devices, the family is then left with interacting with each other.  See, Vermont Modular Homes is now on a path to taking on societies concerns.  Well, perhaps not but it is an interesting concept for you to consider when you are designing your new home.

Here is another idea for your device free living room – have you considered installing a fireplace?  There are so many different possibilities for fireplaces:

  1. Wood burning – this is what most people think of but there are variations:
    1. Masonry Wood burning fireplace.  This is beautiful, very difficult to actually build, and without a doubt the most expensive.  If you are considering a masonry fireplace be thinking in the $15,000 range at least.
    2. Zero Clearance Wood Burning fireplace.  A Zero Clearance fireplace is a metal fabricated unit that is lined with fire brick.  It creates the same look as a masonry for a lot less money.
  2. Gas burning fireplaces – easy to use and less expensive
    1. Gas Fired fireplace – the gas fired fireplaces have faux ceramic logs and many create a beautiful fire.
  3. Electric Fireplace – easy to use, realistic, and inexpensive!
    1. Electric Fireplace – many of the electric fireplaces have LED digital screens behind ceramic logs creating an amazingly realistic “fire.”

Here’s the description of your new Living Room:

  1. Device Free – Yes Please!
  2. Fireplace – lovely!
  3. Music – your choice – yes please!
  4. Wine – of course.

What are your thoughts?  Give us a call and let us know what you think (802) 985-5855

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