A new Vermont home.

Yesterday we had another home set on its permanent foundation.  This home is located in Southern Vermont up in the mountains.  You may recall seeing a post of ours last week when the home was delivered.  We received several email inquiries and phone calls with questions about this house.

Yesterday we set both of the modules on the foundation and assembled the ceiling and roof of the great room.  The front half of the house is going to be a fully vaulted ceiling and a wall of glass looking out at the view.

Look carefully at today’s photograph and you will see that the crane is lifting into place one of the roof panels.  The huge windows will be installed in the “front wall.”

From the floor of the Great Room to the peak of the vaulted ceiling is roughly twenty-two feet creating an enormous Great Room.

This brand-new home was delivered last week and set on the foundation yesterday and currently we have in the plant we have another home being built with a very similar vaulted great room.  The two homes have a lot in common but both are 100% Custom Built homes that reflect the owner’s individual wants and needs.

Let’s face it, if you are building a new home wouldn’t you want it to be Custom Built so that it is exactly the way you want?  I have never understood why someone would buy or build a “Cookie Cutter” style home where they are all the same and people are forced to accept something we really didn’t want.

Every home from Vermont Modular Homes is 100% Custom Built, right down to the tiniest detail. 

Are you interested in talking with us about your Dream Home?  We would love to hear from you!  Give us a call at 802-985-5855

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