Now we are ready to start.

Yesterday we situated the house on the property took into account how and what it will face.  Last thought…….., take your time with the process of staking out the location for the house.  Once you have made your choice it is virtually impossible to change so, be careful and think!

While you have been getting permits and all that I am assuming that you have hired an excavator to do your site work.  Some people will tell you that The Excavator is the most important tradesman on the job.  After all, it is he who will shape the ground in such a way that it will remain that way virtually for eternity.  Again, this is something to think carefully about since it is very very difficult to change later.

Can you see this in your mind?  Here he comes with a big truck hauling the excavator behind.  The very first task to accomplish is to build a driveway so that everything from now on can get into and out of your property.

Speaking of your driveway, we would like to make a recommendation for you to consider.  We are suggesting that those of you thinking of having a paved driveway wait about a year after everything is finished so that the soil under the driveway has a chance to settle.  We would hate to see your brand-new driveway start to heave and be ruined only because you didn’t want to wait.

Here are some other thoughts about the property:

  1. Foundation location.  Obviously, this is the single most important part of the whole project.  But also think about……………….
  2. Septic tank and leach field – if these two are in the front yard we suggest you wait until after the house arrives.  Big trucks and the crane can quickly ruin an expensive septic.  Which comes first and which should wait.
  3. Water Well – is the well in the front yard?  Again, it might want to wait.  But, if the well is in the back yard you should have it drilled first so that nothing is in the well drilling truck’s way.
  4. Underground power – if your power lines are going to be buried in the front yard it might be a good idea to wait until after the house is set to keep it from being damaged.
  5. Planting trees – if you are going to have trees planted please wait until you are getting to the end of your project.
  6. Machinery – part of having a modular home delivered requires that you have an Excavator on-site the day of the delivery just in case something gets stuck.  It might be a good idea to have that excavator work on building the septic system if it is in the back yard, finish grading off the back yard, or another project.  This is far better than paying for that machine to simply sit there and do nothing all day. 
  7. Plan ahead – like everything the more thorough your planning the better the job will be.

Tomorrow we will look at the concrete work.  Call us with your questions  802.985-5855

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