OK, one more hole in the floor, a BIG hole!

Every day we suggest you go look for this or go look for that; look here or look there.  It seems as though we are always using our eyes to find problems.  On Friday we talked about a hole in the basement floor, the useless basement cellar drain.

Today we suggest another approach.  We are going to suggest that you walk around the house on a particularly cold day.  For those of you that missed it, this morning it was a miserable 4 degrees outside.  Isn’t that awful!

This morning would have been a great day to try out our experiment.  This morning would have been great because it was so cold!  If everything in your home is working correctly the attic whether it is used or unused should be roughly the same temperature as it is outside.  So this morning your attic would have been bitter cold.

Now, back to our walk around tour of the house; if you have a two story I’m going to suggest you go upstairs and in a ranch house you are obviously going to be on the first floor.  Duh!

As you slowly wander around you should all of a sudden feel a very cold draft.  As that cold air hits you stop and look up at the ceiling.  I’ll bet you are probably standing underneath a panel in the ceiling something like today’s photograph.  Many times this access panel is so that you can go up into the attic.  Or many times it is part of the “drop down attic stairs.”  The stair version is easy to spot as it usually will have a rope hanging down so that you can pull the stairs down and walk up.

Regardless of what your access panel is used for it typically does not have sufficient insulation and it is that lack of insulation that is causing the huge draft of cold air.

The access panel needs to be more heavily insulated and better sealed off from the house.  Huge amounts of heat can and will be lost through this attic access panel.

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