Our best friend. Let’s take good care!

Over the past couple weeks, we have been talking about kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, lighting and a huge variety of things for our new home that will make life better for us; well hopefully life will improve.  That is the plan!

Someone recently mentioned to me, “….how about our dog, how can we make the home more accommodating for our dog?” 

I checked online and it is estimated that almost half of every household has a dog.  That is a lot of dogs and a lot of homes that have made some accommodations for their pet.  Just in case we might upset cat folks, there is another huge set of homes where cats live.

One of the most common spots for our dogs is the back-door area.  Many of us think of this part of the house as The Mud Room.  So, this is the spot where our puppies and dogs enter the house and this is the spot where many track in mud, dirt, water, and all sorts of lovely things that should stay outside but alas that doesn’t happen.

Many new homes are providing a place in the mud room where Fido can get a bath or be cleaned up before entering the rest of the house.

Just as each and every home is different so are dogs.  Some are huge and others are tiny.  Friends of mine have a Chihuahua, he name is Flower and she’s rather small and could easily be washed in the mud room area whereas Calvin, another friends’ 125 pound Rottweiler is gigantic and probably needs a space that’s at least big enough for a grown man.

Many mud rooms have “shower areas” while others will have small tubs.  The concept of building into the new home a place that is set aside for “Our Best Friends” is rapidly growing.

Isn’t planning for a new home fun!

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