Phantom: “…a thing that is difficult to see or understand.”

The last question in our energy quiz –

Of all fifty states, which ONE STATE consumers THE MOST amount of electricity per household each year?

Correct answer:  Louisiana with roughly 15,270 kilowatt hours per household and Hawaii had the lowest with an average of 6,176.  These figures are for an entire year.

  1. Questions so far……….
    1. Heating and cooling uses the most energy at 48%
    2. 900 kilowatt hours is what the typical home uses each month
    3. Annual Energy Bill - $2,200 for energy bills
    4. Highest usage – Louisiana

Today’s Energy Question:

5.  What are phantom loads?

  • Electronics and appliances that consumer power when they are turned off but still plugged in
  • The energy stored in electronics and appliances after they are unplugged
  • Residual or unused energy that can be repurposed to power electronics and appliances
  • Warnings on electronic devices that indicate they need to be charged or unplugged.

Tune in tomorrow for the correct answer.

How is everyone doing so far?

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