Powder Room – Half Bath – Discrete area.

It was a while back I was reading about powder rooms, I know that’s weird.  A long time ago, before the 1920’s mostly, proper women never went to bars or taverns or those awful places where men gathered to drink “adult traveling beverages.”

But, with the advent of the Roaring 1920’s women began to frequent bars and taverns.  That caused a significant problem as virtually all of the “rest rooms,” a.k.a. bathrooms were designed exclusively for men only.  In an attempt to increase business bar owners invented “The Powder Room” for the new customers, the proper ladies that were frequenting local bars. 

The only available space was the SMALL space typically under the stairs.  And POOF, the modern Powder Room was invented and to this day that is why it is normally small.

History can be very cool!

Vermont Modular Homes suggests that when you are designing your new home that you seriously consider making the Powder Room larger.  Make it large enough so that as You Age In Place it can accommodate the needs of seniors.  One day, probably sooner than you’d like you will appreciate the forethought that went into making your Powder Room bigger.

Don’t forget that the Powder Room or Half Bath needed to be that discreet area of the bar where America’s burgeoning population of ladies could go to powder their nose.  Today, almost a hundred years later we again are worrying about bathrooms.  Egad!

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