Renewable Energy is also Geo Thermal

So far in our discussion of Renewable Energy we have touched on:

  • Hydro Power
  • Solar Power, solar panels

Today let’s take a look at Geo Thermal.  Many times, when people think of Geo Thermal they have a picture in their head of Guizers such as we have in Yellowstone Park out west or the guizers that are so prevalent in Iceland.  While that is all accurate let’s limit our discussion to how Geo Thermal works when connected to a Heat Pump that will both heat and cool your individual home.

As you already know Heat Pumps squeeze heat either from the air or the heat within the earth.  Getting heat from the air is typical for an Air Source Heat Pump.  Getting heat from the earth is a Geo Thermal Heat Pump.

A typical Geo Thermal Ground Source Heat Pump here in Vermont uses the heat from the earth by drawing water from a designated well.  That water should always be a constant 52 degrees and is a great source of heat for your Ground Source Heat Pump.

My major objection to this type of setup is that it requires a separate water well and honestly is a big drain on the underground water supply.  Also, I am not convinced it makes a lot of financial sense.  Drilling a well is costly and will obviously take a long time for you to see enough savings to recover the initial cost.

The initial cost for Air Source Heat Pumps is far less.  Granted, a Geo Thermal Heat Pump will produce more heat and at colder temperatures.

Don’t forget that Vermont Modular Homes is constantly trying to encourage solutions that accomplish a lot yet are cheap.  Geo Thermal is not cheap.

Obviously, I am curious as to your thoughts.  Give us a call at (802) 985-5855 or leave a comment on Facebook to start a lively conversation. 

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