Renewable Energy includes Solar Power.

Probably the most widely known and understood form of Renewable Energy is Solar Power.  All of us have seen what looks like an explosion of Solar Farms all across Vermont.

In addition to the huge Solar Farms are private residential solar panels being installed either on the roof of homes or in the back yard.

Take a look at today’s photograph; this picture shows a nice Two-Story Colonial that was delivered by Vermont Modular Homes.  After the home was completed the owners made the choice to install Solar Panels on the roof.  Actually, they had thought all about it when they were designing the home and positioning it on their property.  There is a terrific reason that the home sits exactly the way it does.

When a solar installation is being planned it is important to point or aim the panels in the most advantageous direction.  The direction of the panels will greatly determine how much electricity is generated.  The owners of today’s photograph situated their new home in the best place for their solar gain.

As Solar Panels generate renewable power it is then sold back to the utility company offsetting the monthly bill for household energy.  The obvious goal is to have the monthly bill reduced to zero and honestly that is very possible if the project is properly planned.

Is it possible to include Solar Panels within your new home?  We are very confident that the answer is yes. 

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