Renewable Energy vs. Fossil Fuel.

Yesterday on our Vermont Modular Homes Blog we talked about Fossil Fuels and how they contribute to Greenhouse Gasses and Global Warming.  As a reminder, do we all realize that 90% of our Energy comes from Fossil Fuels?  That includes electricity, heat, cooling, and transportation.  90% is a HUGE percentage.

Today let’s talk about Renewable Energy which we typically consider to include:

  • Wind power
  • Hydro power
  • Solar Energy
  • Geothermal sourced energy

Vermont finds itself in a uniquely good position in that a lot of our energy comes from Quebec where it is generated by Hydro Quebec.  I checked their web site only to find that they have sixty-two generating stations and all use renewable hydro power where the falling water turns a turbine and creates electricity.

It was interesting for me to find that China is the world’s largest hydro generating country creating roughly 17% of its total use.  The United States accounts for roughly 13% of our total use from Hydro Power.

The very cool thing for us to know is that as of 2014 Vermont generates roughly 20% of our electricity from Hydro Power.  This figure although quite accurate reflects the state’s usage when Vermont Yankee’s Nuclear plant was still operating, that was decommissioned in December 2014.

We will be taking a longer look at Renewable Energy in the next days. 

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