Review - that might be a good idea this cold Thursday.

Over the past week-plus we have talked about:

  1. Cold Climate Heat Pumps to heat and air condition your home.  These non-fossil fuel heating appliances are cheap to purchase, cheap to operate every month, environmentally solid, and are so very popular lately!
  2. Heat Pump hot water heaters can supply your family with domestic hot water for far less than half the cost of a conventional electric hot water heater.
  3. Heat Pump clothes dryers are cheap to operate and eliminate Cold Air Penetration
  4. Induction Cooking allows you to cook with all the advantages of gas (instant on and instant off) while using far less energy each month
  5. Electricity costs are going down making all of your electric appliances even more affordable
  6. Energy Star Rebates are available for many, if not all, the highly efficient appliances we have talked about; it just gets better and better!

Even more:

Vermont Modular is now including with every new home as standard equipment:

  1. A Hybrid Heat Pump hot water heater will be included in every new home from now on.
  2. Heat Recovery Ventilation System.  The HRV is critical to maintaining a healthy home and is now a standard feature.

We encourage you to start the process of building your new home!  This is really hot stuff!

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