Selling your home and building a new home?

There are basically three times of the year that people move:  (are you thinking of moving?)

  • “Before Summer”  -  these sellers are people that want to be in their new home and enjoy summer.  Odd as it may seem, this is not a particularly active time of the year to sell a home
  • “Before School”  -  obviously this applies to families that have school-age-children and are trying to avoid changing schools once it has begun.
  • “Before Winter”  -  this is the biggest group of people, they are looking at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  “Will I be in my new home for The Holidays?”

Here at Vermont Modular Homes the “Before Winter” home buyer is our busiest time of the year.  It may seem sills by I have this theory that summer in Vermont is so beautiful that everyone is at the beach, cooking hot dogs, and enjoying their friends and family.  The last thing they want is to be bothered with Real Estate.  “Go away, I am eating my hot dog, drinking an “adult beverage,” and enjoying summer in Vermont.

Well…………, this weekend is Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer and the unofficial start of fall and winter.  It is also the beginning of our busiest time of the year.

Across Vermont school is starting this week and families will be getting into their routine with school busses, sports, books, and it seems that life’s pace quickens. 

Here are a couple thoughts as you consider selling your home.  These are the things that you do not want to say or do:  (why are you selling?)

  1. Need something bigger – oops, don’t say that it makes it sound as though your home is small.
  2. Need to lower our costs – egad no!  That makes it appear as though your house costs huge bucks.
  3. Need to move to a better neighborhood – you just shot yourself in the foot.  Don’t down-grade your neighborhood!
  4. We got new jobs – this is so common but it makes it appear as though you are desperate and will sell for a low price.  Don’t do that!

Always try to think of what the buyer will consider when he/she hears your answer.  They are wondering what you are really thinking so, be careful and honest.

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