Selling your home? Thinking of downsizing?

One of the largest group of home buyers today are Mom and Dad minus the kids.  Mom and Dad now live in a big home and they are thinking of selling so that they can move on to a new home that’s easily managed now that the family is much smaller.  How about grandkids coming to visit occasionally as compared to a house full of kids growing up?  Things have a habit of changing.

When you consider selling your home there are lots of things you need to consider.  Don’t forget our underlying theory that we are looking for things that make a big impact but don’t cost much money!

So consider:

  1. Removing all the family pictures.
  2. Put half of your furniture in storage
  3. Empty out the closets
  4. Put all the knickknacks away
  5. Clutter?  No, put it all away.  Most of it is junk anyway
  6. Remove at least half of what’s in the kitchen cabinets
  7. Foyer entry, no clutter, virtually empty but pretty.


  1. Lawn, the worst thing you can do is not have the lawn mowed.
  2. Flowers and shrubbery, make sure all is neat and freshly watered.
  3. Clutter?  No!  Put everything away or even better put it all in storage


  1. Junk – gone
  2. Clutter – gone
  3. Tools – they need to go to storage, leave the tool bench empty
  4. Floor – consider painting or at least a thorough cleaning

Costs – so far virtually nothing, perhaps the rental of a storage unit but other than storage you haven’t spent a dime but the impact will be huge for a prospective buyer.  There are dozens of surveys that prove you will be able to command a higher price.

Call us at 985-5855 or email at with the ideas you have.  This is easy but very important. 

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