Several factors are about to impact home construction.

It looks as though the price of home construction is about to climb significantly.  In the very recent past a couple factors are having an impact on costs.

First – as we have mentioned several times there is a feud going on between The United States and Canada over the importing of lumber.  Most of the lumber used in US home construction is imported from Canada and through a very complicated set of issues that lumber is being subjected to import tariffs that have been avoided in the past.  The most severe projections see lumber costs going up thirty-five percent.  Obviously, that is a huge jump in price.  The solution to solving the problem required political will power and calm voices, both of which seem in short supply.

Second – many of us have watched in horror as much of the pacific northwest is consumed with huge forest fires that are destroying vast swaths of pristine wilderness and lumber production.

These two factors, foreign trade and forest fires are hitting the cost of lumber. 

Modular Home builders try very hard to lessen these price increases by buying early and buying in huge quantities; both of which are great ideas but can save the day for only so long.

Eventually prices are going to go up and the cost of a new home will increase accordingly.  We encourage you to move quickly if you can to avoid price increases.

It is safe to extrapolate that the cost of new homes goes up so will the cost of existing homes.  Demand remains high and costs will climb across the board.

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