Should we set the Thermostat back when we aren’t home?

I have heard people argue about this one – “Should I turn the temperature down when we aren’t home?”  I’ve heard, and so have you, people passionately argue this one for years.

But first, the earlier question about saving money by switching to Energy Star appliances; how much can you save?????

  • Using Energy Star certified products, you will save nearly $750 over the lifetime of the product.  EXAMPLE:  an Energy Star clothes washer uses about 40% less energy than a conventional clothes washing machine.

For today – Using a programmable thermostat to set back your temperature 10 degrees for 8 hours each day, can you save money and if so by what percentage?

  • 15% savings
  • 8% savings
  • 5% savings
  • 10% savings

Today we are posting two blogs and both are about saving money.  The Energy Star certified appliances will save you $750 over the life time of the appliance.  And remember that an Energy Star Washing Machine uses 40% Less Energy than a conventional “old-time” washing machine.

There is this silly thought - yesterday and today the temps are in the 90's.  So, we are talking about what to do in the winter.


Foot note:  Vermont Modular again wants to thank The US Department of Energy for providing the Energy Home IQ Quiz.

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