So today is # 12 and 13, its the end of our Energy Quiz.

The other day we asked two Energy Quiz questions.  Here are the correct answers –

  1. What’s a cool roof?
    1. A cool roof reflects heat away from the house by using Reflective paints, covering materials, lighter colors and this will lower the temperature of your roof by up to 50 degrees that will have you save a lot on AC cost.
  2. What is NOT an insulation material?
    1. Rolls and batts – YES
    2. Loose-fill – YES
    3. Rigid foam – YES
    4. Synthetic fiber – NO. 

Today’s two questions complete the Energy Quiz.  We hope you have enjoyed.

  1. FIRST – Which type of hot water heater provides hot water only as it is needed?
    1. Conventional
    2. Heat Pump
    3. Solar
    4. Tankless
  2. SECOND -  Which is NOT TRUE about LED lighting?
    1. LED’s are compound semiconductor devices that produce light when an appropriate electrical current is applied.
    2. Because of their long life, durability, and efficiency LED’s are becoming more common
    3. LED’s emit light in a specific direction, reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers that can trap light
    4. LED stands for Light-Energy Diode.

Put your thinking caps on and don’t get caught in a trap with these two questions.  Tune in tomorrow for the correct answers.

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