So ummmm, what’s next?

The driveway is being built and your mailbox is already installed.  You are now officially a part of your new community!  How exciting is that??!!  As you wander around and beam with pride, have any of your neighbors stopped in to say hi and wish you well?  Don’t be shy, if you see them in their yard doing something stop in and introduce yourselves.  The fun and exciting part is all unfolding and Vermont Modular Homes will help you throughout!

Just a brief couple tips about the driveway – don’t insist on a beautiful driveway just yet.  Remember, there will be lots of trucks and machinery in and out, up and down the driveway.  Before your project is done the driveway will probably be a wreck!  So, tip number one, don’t get upset as ruts and pot holes form, all that will be corrected towards the end of your project.  Tip number two, wait until next year to have your driveway paved; that is if pavement is in your plans at all.

Hopefully you have long since spoken with the Well Drilling company.  If the well is in the back yard it needs to be drilled sooner rather than later.  Once the foundation is poured it could be difficult for the Well Drilling Rig to get to the back yard, that truck is HUGE and very very heavy.  If the well is in the front yard, then it gets done later rather than sooner.  We are sure you have all this under control and have planned carefully.

Probably the next thing to do after the driveway is ready is for the excavator to dig the cellar hole.  Almost always the cellar hole is larger than the size of the foundation.  Every cellar hole is “over-dug” to create room for men to work setting concrete forms.  That space will later be back-filled against the foundation wall.  We suggest you have a conversation with the excavator and recommend to “Over-Dig” no more than three feet.

The excavator will dig to the designated depth which will vary from one piece of property to another, typically the depth changes as the land slopes in one direction or the other.  Today’s photograph is of a basement being dug next to Lake Champlain that you can see in the background.

Every time a basement hole is dug it will appear to be the wrong size.  The hole in the ground will look small, but just wait for a bit it will work out correctly.  All of the drawings and specifications that you will need for the foundation are provided by Vermont Modular, it is like a road map for the excavator.  Occasionally you might run into a situation where your town will require a Professional Engineer to certify the foundation plans, this does not happen often.

How’s your project going?  Are you actively dreaming?  Give us a call and share your dreams, we’d love to hear from you!  802.985-5855

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