Some random thoughts about selling your home.

We have commented several times that today’s home buyers are very savvy and quite demanding.  We have offered several tips that can help you entice a buyer to put in an offer on your home.  Today let’s look at a few things that you really do want to make sure ARE NOT included within your home. 

  1. Vent-free heaters – honestly a gas or propane fired Vent-Free heating device is a dangerous appliance we think should be outlawed.  If you have one, we strongly advise you to get rid of it.
  2. Fire wood – do you have firewood stored inside or perhaps in the basement?  If you do we strongly suggest you take it outside immediately!  In the firewood there are probably all sorts of bugs and insects; yuck!  They need to go outside.  Also, as the wood dries it gives off a lot of excess moisture.  All bad!
  3. Power roof / attic ventilator – these are an exhaust fan that penetrates through the roof and sucks air out of the attic.  Sounds simple enough except that it also sucks heat and conditioned air from inside your home.  They are one of those dumb ideas that too many people thought might be a cool thing to do.
  4. Dryer vent ducts, most of the duct work for dryers is comprised of the round flexible plastic type; this should be immediately replaced with metal duct work.  The heat from the dryer plus lint can be a fire hazard.  There are many municipalities in Vermont that forbid the use of these flexible dryer vent ducts because they are a significant fire hazard.
  5. Insulation in the basement, if you have fiberglass insulation with the paper vapor barrier, that should be immediately be removed!  Everyone thinks this is a good thing but actually it is a significant fire hazard.  The paper can quickly catch fire and rapidly spread throughout the house. 

The point of today’s blog is for you to eliminate those things in your home that really should not be there.  If you do that then everything that is remaining is positive and it creates a warm fuzzy feeling with the prospective buyer.

What have we neglected to include?  Call us at (802) 985-5855 and share your thoughts.  Make comments on Facebook, join in on the conversation, and let us know what’s on your mind.  We would love to hear from you.

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