Spring is already here, are you ready?

This past weekend the weather was so beautiful that foolishly I went and bought a bunch of my flowers for this summer.  I mean foolishly because it really is two to three weeks early.  There’s the old wife’s tale about “…never planting your garden before the first of June.”  Oh well, it was so beautiful and here it is in the low 40’s today and feels COLD.  The weather radar for today (Monday) shows snow is falling over in The Adirondacks with a mixed bag of stuff even here in The Champlain Valley.

But sooner rather than later all of us are going to need to get everything ready for the summer gardening and flower season.  Here’s a short list of things you should consider as you get ready for summer:

  1. Clean up the flower beds from last year, there’s all kinds of things that need to be raked up and put in with the compost
  2. How’s your lawn mower working?  Don’t wait until the grass is four to six inches high only to find out it won’t start.
  3. Clean out the gutters, in early spring the trees are dropping all kinds of debris as they bud out for summer
  4. Does the lawn need fertilizer?  This might be a good time to be putting down a favorite lawn food.  Then the lawn will grow like crazy as you realize the mower doesn’t start.
  5. Should you consider pruning back shrubs and trees?  This might be the perfect time before they consume your yard.
  6. Stock up on fertilizer, there are many kinds but the 5-10-5 is a favorite for using around shrubs and perennial plants
  7. When was the last time you aerated your lawn?  There are numerous “tools” that can do a good job

Have fun and if you have your pet project let us know, we would love to share. 

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