Staying in the kitchen

It seems as though everyone agrees that The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home, it is that place where family and friends gather to share moments, prepare meals, talk, and share hopes and dreams.  The kitchen is normally where entertaining begins and in many homes, it is where dinner is served.

If your home is the place to congregate then let me provide you with a suggestion.  Typically, there are bar-stools or director’s chairs that sit UP at the counter.  These are a great place for folks to talk and have that morning coffee or a late-night glass of wine.

However, think about how that bar stool which is almost always higher up than a typical chair can be where accidents start.

We are strongly suggesting that you consider a breakfast bar that is lowered to conventional table height; that will allow ordinary chairs or standard height stools to be used.  You just cut down on the likely hood of an accident as someone, perhaps grandma or grandpa slip and fall from the higher stools.

We have been looking at pull-out shelving, bigger doors, wide open spaces, and with all that in mind why not consider the potential for an accident off of a tall stool?  We contend that the potential for an accident is significantly large enough for you to alter your kitchen planning.

Sometimes when planning we neglect to plan for the obvious.

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