Staying your home for a while – showers

New homes have great attention paid to Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Floor Coverings.  Let’s look at one of the most accident-prone areas of all homes.  Yup, that would be the shower.

The shower is that place in the house where we are standing on a slippery surface and it is a simple fact that more falls happen in the shower than anywhere else.

Sadly, last fall I lost a longtime friend who slipped and fell in the shower; tragically he died of his injury.  Look around tomorrow morning and take notice of all the things that are right there for you to fall into.

Floor surfaces of the bathroom and in particular the shower need to be made of a non-slip surface.  Virtually every manufacturer of shower units, tubs, tiles, and all that good stuff will make a special surface that is non-slippery.

In addition, we install in every new home that extra strong backing inside showers and next to toilets so that Grab Bars can be properly installed later.  Or, if you want we can do that for you in the factory. 

The tiny bit of preparation while the home is being built saves you a lot of effort later.  When Grab Bars are installed they need something behind the wall for bolts or heavy duty screws to sink into.  We do that for you.  Safety is a huge concern.

Lastly, when you are designing the shower make sure it is big enough and easy enough to get in so that slipping and falling does not happen.

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