Subway Tiles or not!

Egad, where has the time gone, this is the last day of June 2017.  This weekend is my favorite holiday, the birthday of our country, so Happy Birthday America!

The other day we talked about how Subway Tiles are such a decorating favorite.  Let’s face it, the ubiquitous subway tile is readily found in kitchens, bathrooms, and the laundry.

Another truly popular thing to include in a very special spot is the use of Wood Tiles.  These tiles are made from wood and obviously might not be such a good idea for the bathroom but how about as a counter top for the kitchen island?  Or used on the wall behind the kitchen counters?

Wood Tiles come in zillions of shapes, styles, colors, and are made from as many different species of wood as are available.

Typically, a Wood Tile is not the same as a slab of wood that might be used as a breakfast bar top.  The tiles are smaller and assembled very much the same as ceramic tiles. 

Obviously, they can go together in rows like bricks or in a huge variety of designs.  This is a fantastic place for you to express your creativity.

The questions could go on and on with a multitude of answers.  The point is that Wood Tiles provide you with a truly unique and stylish way to express your creativity.  How about actually making your own tiles?  Think about it, it isn’t going to be very difficult as wood is one of the easier mediums to work with.  The possibilities of stain/color, finish, and patina are endless.

Call us (802) 985-5855 with your creations and ideas.  I am sure everyone would love to hear and read about what you have come up with.  Give us a call.

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