Summer is on the way! Think Vacation.

It was only last week when we had a lot of snow, actually it came on April Fools’ Day, how clever was that!  Actually, it was cruel.

We all know and are ready for summer and those precious moments by the water when we are alone with our thoughts, hopes, dreams, and aspirations.  Or it is the time so share with loved ones and family as we build a life time of memories.

Are you considering building a camp at the lake?  Are you thinking of building your own private Vermont Dream?  That is the place where traffic and daily hub-bub quickly become a distant memory.  We are talking about your very private corner of the world where only very special people know it exists.

For those of you that are skiers the season is not over but it is heading into spring skiing which can be short lived.  How about your own private ski-house for next winter?  How exciting does that sound?

There are those of us that are intrigued by the lure of summer and those of us that love winter.  YES, Vermont has it all and you can have your own private camp.

Call Vermont Modular Homes and start the ball rolling so that you can build your Vermont Dream!

EGAD, look at today’s picture, isn’t it beautiful and peaceful.

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