Take a long and thorough look at today’s energy!

For the past several days we have attended the 2017 Better Buildings by Design conference in Burlington.  This is “…..the region’s premier design and construction conference, which features interactive learning about building durability, efficiency,….” sponsored by Efficiency Vermont.

For the next couple days I’ll highlight particular portions of what I took away from this conference to provide you with an insight as to what is going on in Vermont as far as Energy Conservation and Efficiency.

Probably the biggest concept presented is that our overall energy sources are rapidly moving away from Fossil Fuels and to electricity.  In 2015 the Vermont Legislature passed and the Governor signed the Renewable Energy Standard, or Act 56.

Within Act 56 there are three Tiers:

Tier 1 – Vermont utilities are to provide customers renewable power starting at 55% of the companies’ sales in 2017 and ramps up to 75% by 2032.

Tier 2 – Vermont utilities are required by get 1% of their power from distributed renewable generation built in Vermont, this moves up to 10% by 2032.  It is expected that most of this 400 MW will come from Solar power.

Tier 3“…the energy innovation tier – requires utilities to help Vermonters reduce their use of fossil fuels for heating and transportation. By 2032, the Public Service Department estimates that these requirements will result in over 85,000 Vermonters receiving assistance on energy upgrades ranging from home weatherization to cold climate heat pumps to biomass and biofuel systems to electric vehicle charging stations.”

Vermont stands out as a nation-wide leader in the field of Renewable Energy or moving away from Fossil Fuels.

For a long time now Vermont Modular has been singing the praises of Heat Pumps, it was so nice to see such emphasis placed on Heat Pumps at the conference which takes into account Act 56.

NB:  in this blog post the article from VPIRG was either quoted or referenced.  We give them the credit they deserve for their work.

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