Technological advances

Yesterday we mentioned how the United States is the world’s leader in developing Solid State lighting and how all the advances in lighting have become main-stream practice so quickly.  LED bulbs are everywhere and the DOE’s estimate is that in the next twenty years Solid State Lighting will reduce lighting energy requirements by 75%.  That’s impressive.

Another area where technology is making rapid gains and improvements is in the areas of Heating and Cooling.

The introduction of the Cold Climate Heat Pump has been extraordinary to say the least.  For several decades Vermont Modular Homes installed Propane Fired Hot Water Baseboard as the ubiquitous system for heating.  In the past several years it seems as though most home is being heated with a Cold Climate Heat Pump.

We suggest you check online and read extensively about Cold Climate Heat Pumps.  You will quickly find that Heat Pumps will cost you far less to install than a conventional Hot Water Baseboard heating system and then will cost you far less to operate than a conventional heating system that is fueled by Fossil Fuels.

The State of Vermont is moving away from its reliance on Fossil Fuels and towards renewable sources of energy. 

Consider coupling a Heat Pump system with Solar Panels so that you generate Electricity.  That sounds as though you will:

  • Drastically lower your Energy costs
  • Drastically lower your reliance on Fossil Fuels.
  • Drastically lower your Environmental Impact, you will be doing the right thing!

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