There are big changes going on in residential home construction.

A while back when grandma redecorated her home she and grandpa would almost always install Wall To Wall Carpet.  For many of us that is exactly what we grew up knowing.  Carpet is comfortable, relatively inexpensive, and wears well.  The major problem with carpet is that for some reason it has fallen out of popularity in the residential home market.  Recently we drove through Amsterdam New York which was at one time an enormous manufacturing center for American made carpet.  There are huge plants completely empty where once there were thousands employed it now stands empty.

So, what is replacing carpet:

  1. The number one leading type of floor covering is Vinyl Floor Planks.  Not linoleum but up style and upgrade Vinyl planks that can be made to look any way you want.  Vinyl planks are waterproof, insanely beautiful, extremely realistic, and at a very competitive cost.
  2. Don’t count Laminate Flooring out!  The improvements in Laminate flooring have been significant.  The seemingly singular weak point of Laminate Flooring is that it is not waterproof.  If water is allowed to stand on top of laminate it can and will cause damage to the flooring.
  3. Ceramic tiles have consistently been popular for many years and that continues today.  We have all seen flooring that is made from ceramic tile that is made to look like wood.
  4. And of course there is Hard Wood Flooring, an all-time favorite with some of the most expensive costs.

Each type of flooring has its own unique advantages and drawbacks.  The thing that is really nice is that there are so many fantastic choices out there.

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