There is a lot to do down there in the basement!

Let’s see if we can find another place in the basement where Cold Air Penetration goes on all the time.  Yesterday we talked about how dense cold air penetrates into the warmth of the house.

Don’t forget that in all of our conversations there is a major rule to understand; when it comes to movement of air – cold always moves towards warm!  Cold air is more dense and warm air is less dense!  The fact that cold air always moves towards warm air is exactly why we need to stop Cold Air Penetration.  Let’s go look ……………….

Here we are in the basement again looking for another hole for Cold Air Penetration.  Virtually every basement has windows similar to today’s picture.  The typical basement window is not the most energy efficient or tightest fitting window.  Many are a fairly poor excuse for a window and during the winter can be a huge source of cold air.

Normally basement windows are opened in the spring and closed in the fall.  All summer they remain open for ventilation in the basement.  And, probably need to remain open until the first part of October.  Everyone has a different opinion but I suggest you leave them open for now.

What you might want to do is close the window and check it carefully to see if it is fitting tightly.  If you close the window and can see daylight around the edges of the window then you have a problem that seriously needs to be corrected ASAP.


  1. Poorly fitting windows need to be either aggressively sealed up or even replaced.
  2. All basement windows probably should have some covering of insulation and/or plastic sheet over them so that the cold air penetration is greatly reduced.
  3. If things are a mess, consider replacing the entire window.  Basement windows are almost always called Hopper Windows and are available at all the major lumber yards or big box stores.
  4. A new Hopper Window is relatively cheap and they are easy to install.  I checked and on YouTube there are lots of videos that will clearly show you how to replace the window.

This is a good project and can be easily cured on a Saturday afternoon and we’d love to hear about your project!

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