Things are about to move along quickly on your lot.

The other day we saw The Excavator arrive and suggested several things to think about before actually starting.  Let’s pretend that all of your planning, orientation, and site layout is done.  It is probably a very good idea to have a map of your property that clearly shows where all of the various pieces are going.  With the map the excavator will use it as his guide and build everything accordingly.

Step ONE – the very first thing is to build the driveway.  Almost always the town will tell you where to have your “Curb Cut.”  A Curb Cut is the exact location and width for where your driveway can enter the town road.  Most of the time someone from the Town Hall will come out and check to see that it has been done according to the approved plan.  Usually safety is a guiding factor.  You wouldn’t want your driveway to enter the road on the other side of the crest of a hill; that could quickly be dangerous.  Also, The Town will consider access for Emergency VehiclesThere is no ONE answer on how it is all done so be sure to check with your town and follow the rules.

As your driveway access the road usually there will be some kind of culvert that allows water to flow unrestricted underneath your driveway.  The diameter size and length of that culvert will again be determined by the Town Highway Department.  The highway department are the guys that plow the road in winter.

Don’t forget that you will need an exact 911 Address for your property.  It is safe to assume that in the midst of getting your building permit you will also be assigned that 911 Emergency Address.

In the midst of all this work here’s a fun thing for you to do.  Go check with the Post Office with your 911 address and ask them what’s your mailing address.  Also, find out where they want you to put your mail box, which side of the road.  Then go out and buy yourself a fantastic mail box, dig a hole, and put your very own mail box up.  Now everyone will know that you are there.  And, guaranteed you will have a huge smile on your face.  You have worked hard and deserve this victory.

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