Things to consider as we age.

Many of us are considering building a home where we have every intention of staying there for the rest of our lives.  If that’s your plan then we suggest you consider several very important things as you work through the design phase.

  • Floor coverings - Yesterday we talked about choosing the right floor coverings.
  • Space – when you are laying out the rooms, halls, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry and all the rest; we suggest you leave wide open spaces so that it is easy to “make cookies.”
  • Kitchens need to have enough room so that it is easy to maneuver around from counter to refrigerator to the stove.  Don’t have things cramped, there might come a day when that lack of space will impinge on your life style, even worse it is possible the cookies won’t happen.  Egad.
  • Bathrooms are a place where both floor coverings and space are very important.  Consider a small cramped bathroom with ceramic tile floors.  Yikes, that sounds awful!  How about a much larger bathroom with grab bars, high rise toilets, lever action faucets, ample lighting, open spaces, and soft vinyl flooring?  Which sounds better?
  • Doors need to be bigger.  Virtually every door in every house is 30” wide, that’s a standard.  We suggest you order 36” doors, they are so much more comfortable, and of course always have lever handles, NOT knobs.
  • Hall ways should be four feet wide so as to not restrict comfortable movement around the house.  A typical hall is only 3 feet 4 inches wide, we suggest four feet width.

All these small items can make your new home more comfortable!  Now go back and finish the cookies, company is coming.


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