Today is “Eclipse Day.”

This afternoon was when the Solar Eclipse passed through Vermont.  Evidently the peak moment was about 2:30 this afternoon.  Here at our offices in Shelburne there were several people out in the parking look observing this phenomenon.  It was all very exciting but only because of all the hype that has been associated with this particular Eclipse of the Sun.

Interesting fact – there are several estimates of how much electricity will NOT BE GENERATED because of the Eclipse.  When I first saw those headlines, I was caught off guard but, for millions of square miles across the country there will be a significant amount of sunlight that will not happen today.

That loss of Solar Light will greatly reduce the amount of electricity that is generated this afternoon from thousands of solar arrays across the country that fall within the path of the Eclipse.

At first glance, I found that to be a fascinating piece of “useless knowledge.”  After I had scratched my head and wondered it dawned on me how significant the power generation from Solar Panels has become. 

All of us have seen huge Solar Farms pop up all across the state and the amounts of electricity generated from all those panels is becoming a significant factor in our power generation, so much so that today’s Eclipse has eliminated roughly 50% of the solar capacity. 

Don’t forget that the power will be lost suddenly and return very quickly.  That sudden and wild fluctuation of power being generated will cause significant problems for our U.S. Power Grid.  Evidently preparations have been made and everything will be fine.

Today’s Eclipse dramatically shows how we have become dependent on Solar Power since the last Eclipse in 1979.

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