Tonight – frost and cold!

The US Weather Bureau in Burlington has issued a Frost Warning for most of Northern Vermont that includes the Champlain Valley.

Now is the time to move quickly and stop Cold Air Penetration.  Here are several things that you can do today/this evening and save a bunch on your energy bill.  All this should and can easily be done quickly and easily:

  1. Close the basement windows – we have mentioned the basement windows before and suggested to keep them open for a while longer.  Well, that time has come and gone – it is time to shut the windows!
  2. Close off your basement drain – if you are looking for something to fix the problem for tonight then close off the drain to the outside using plastic with a weight on top to close off this source of cold air.
  3. Close the outside doors – if you have a door to the basement from outside make sure it is tightly closed.

Once you have done these three simple things you will have made big progress towards stopping Cold Air Penetration.

Maybe this coming weekend you can think of other easy project to do in the basement:

  1. Close the huge hole in the floor by the tub/shower drain.  We’ve talked about this one a lot and it is a huge source of Cold Air.  Look back through the Blog Posts and read about this problem and how to solve it.
  2. Buy some Spray Foam to seal off the crack between the house and the foundation, we talked about this one just last week.
  3. Close off the floor drain better than what you did for tonight.  Again, we have mentioned this is previous Blog Posts
  4. Install Foam Sleeves around the hot water pipe especially as it exits the hot water heater.  The first several feet of pipe going out of the Hot Water Heater can act as a wick that constantly sucks heat out of the tank.  This is an effective and easy fix.

There are a lot of quick and easy fixes that you can do yourself.  Oh, did we mention that all of them are really cheap!

Fill us in with your plans, we’d love to hear from you.  Call us at 802.985-5855

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