Trending styles that are either in or out.

We thought it might be fun to take a look at various styles, those things that are popular for a while and then go or those things that are suddenly appearing all over the place.

Remember when……….., there was a time when avocado colored appliances were the thing to have!  For sure, if you didn’t have a “green” refrigerator you were most assuredly NOT COOL.  Thankfully the avocado appliance craze is long gone!  What is in today?

Here are a couple things that are all the rage:

  • Sub Way Tiles – take a look around the Big Box stores and you will see that tile, and in particular Subway Tiles are everywhere and in a huge array of colors but not necessarily all kinds of sizes.  Subway tiles tend to be smaller than a lot of other tile, that’s what puts them in the classic subway style.  For those of you have spent time in the subways you will quickly remember the ubiquitous tiles.  Look at today’s photograph and you will see a beautiful kitchen adorned with cream colored subway tiles.  Beautiful!
  • Devices – we are talking about phone, tablets, watches, and a zillion other devices that have come to be such a huge part of everyday life.  Designers and inventors have come up with some of the coolest things to deal with all those devices.  Take a look at what’s out there:
    • Charging drawers in the kitchen cabinetry
    • Click on its top and a round cylinder comes up out of the counter top and you’ll see outlets and USB charging slots.
    • Cabinets that look like a bread box but it’s a place to charge devices
    • Built in charging shelves, some of these are fascinating
    • Charging stations hidden inside “books”
    • It’s a spice rack!  Nope, charging station
    • There are gizmos built into the counter top, place the phone in the right spot and it gets charged

Some trends will come and go but Subway Tiles are incredibly popular but have been around for a long time.  The charging of devices is an answer to a new phenomenon and will only get better.

Since we are talking about trends we really do need to hear from you!  What “new” things are you looking at?  Give us a call at (802) 985-5855

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