Using an Open Flame in the kitchen?

Yesterday we talked about distant cousin Zog and how he cooked over an open flame in the Cave but today that might not be such a good idea.  Zog’s cave was smoke filled but with Induction Cooking things improved greatly.

Today we want to mention Convection ovens that cook faster and even temperatures.  A Convection Oven has fans inside that circulate heat around the food making for much faster cooking.  The faster you can cook the less energy you will use.  Usually a typical Convection Oven is heated using electric as it is easier to accurately control the temperatures.

Not all Convection Ovens are standard ovens, some Microwave Ovens that are combined with Convection Ovens.

The secret of a Convection Oven is that a small fan is inside the oven circulates the heat around the food.  Because the food is cold when the cooking first starts the fan pushing hot air around the food removes that cold and causes the food to cook faster and more evenly.

Like so many ideas that Vermont Modular talks about the Convection Oven is yet one more idea where less Energy is used.  Of course, this helps our environment.

All of us have seen commercial ovens where food travels through the oven on a conveyer belt or something that looks like a chain-link fence.  Those types of ovens are Impingement Oven and work very quickly using the same principle as a Convection oven, there is high heat from all sides and air movement where the air is hot.

Long lost cousin Zog would be proud of what we have accomplished.

If you are using Induction Cooking and Convection ovens you are very Energy Conscious and you have walked away from the Open Flame in your house that can only be dangerous.

What are your thoughts?

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