What about Heat Pumps? Any good?

For months now we have been touting the advantages of Cold Climate Heat Pumps.  I’ve been going on and on about their energy efficiency, low cost to operate, and the greatly reduced impact on the environment.

Yesterday I got a firsthand demonstration of exactly how fantastic Heat Pumps really are.  First, a little background information; many of us watch the news and weather report on the TV every night and regardless of which station you tune into there is almost always a reference to Lake Placid, New York as being particularly cold.  I am going to estimate that Lake Placid will typically run between fifteen and twenty degrees colder than here in Shelburne, it is just one of those bitterly cold pockets in the mountains.  The High Peaks part of New York is surely mountainous and Lake Placid is especially cold.

Yesterday I went to see about building a new home in Lake Placid for a client of ours.  The ride over there was through a significant snow storm with howling winds.  So when I arrived I was greeted in a warm and charming Inn – (the new house is going next to the Inn).  After being offered a comfortable chair and a fabulous Latte I noticed that the heat for the 1960’s Inn was none other than a brand new Cold Climate Heat Pump.  The Inn was comfortably warm and the owners commented that they are thrilled with the how economical it is to own and operate.

The really pleasant thing to learn about the Lake Placid heat pump was that it was working flawlessly all the way down the Fifteen Degrees below ZERO.  The Heat Pumps really do perform exactly as advertised!

Don’t forget that throughout Vermont the state wide mandate is to move away from Fossil Fuels and towards electricity as it can easily be a renewable source of energy.  The entire basis for energy use is rapidly changing with various levels of government setting standards to improve the environment and reduce global warming.

In many situations it is easy to have your Heat Pump installed at the factory.

What do you think?

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