What are the latest trends in home design and style?

For the next several days I thought it might be fun to take a look at what American homeowners are looking for when it comes to styles, trends, and developments.  Over the past several decades it has become fairly clear that there are several concepts that homeowners of all ages want.  These trends can be built into brand new construction or included in older homes that are being remodeled. 

Probably one of the most popular innovations in home design is the Open Concept idea.  Starting to be very prevalent during the 1990’s the idea of creating Open Spaces has only grown in popularity and acceptance.

Actually it is fairly easy for us to connect the dots between our Energy Efficiency theme and The Open Concept.  It is very popular to create rooms where families can enjoy the company of each other, a place where families interact and connect.

Included within these Open Areas is the idea that natural light and the ability to embrace the beauty of outdoors is not only desired buy essential.  That obviously involves the use of larger expanses of glass and windows, especially when the home overlooks a view like so many of our Vermont homes.

If we are going to include large glass so the natural light can be throughout the house creating a more enjoyable atmosphere, then it behooves us to incorporate highly efficient glass.

For the longest time windows were made from one single pane of glass that allowed clear vision but also allowed great amounts of Heat Loss.  The energy crisis of the 1970’s changed single pane windows into double pane or Therma-Pane windows that supposedly cut down on Heat Loss.

As technology as improved so has the science behind contemporary windows that now are built using Triple Pane Glass that is far more efficient.

Experiments are under way where large windows can actually capture the solar gain and create heat rather than loose heat.  Science is working diligently to create better windows.

Today’s modern windows can greatly contribute to the Open Concept that homeowners want in their new homes.

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