What is the cost of electricity? Going up or down?

Lately we have been talking about how energy usage is rapidly moving away from Fossil Fuels and towards electricity.  So, doesn’t that beg the question – “…how expensive is electricity?”

It is interesting to note that Vermont’s cost for electricity is less than all of our neighbors.  We are less that New York State.  We are less than New Hampshire.  We are less than Massachusetts.  That makes us one of the least expensive places for electricity in New England.  Hold on………., across the entire nation we have the 33rd lowest electricity costs.  Whoopie, we are doing well !

The typical or average cost of an electric bill is $96 a month, state wide it costs an average of 9.98¢ per kilowatt hour or slightly more than 10% less that the rest of the country.  (we have got to give credit to electricitylocal.com/states/Vermont for this information) 

Our point today is that the move away from Fossil Fuels makes a ton of sense for environmental reasons and also for financial reasons.

Electricity is simply cheaper.

Every time you use your Cold Climate Heat Pump you are doing your part to protect the planet and you are saving money.  Well duh, it is a no brainer!

Tomorrow let’s go into the kitchen and see how we can save energy there.

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