What do you know about energy and its usage?

Vermont Modular is constantly talking about Energy Efficiency, Heat Loss, Cold Air Penetration along with a host of assorted other topics but somehow most of them revolve around Energy Usage. 

For the next couple days let’s consider how much we actually know about Energy Usage.

This will be a unique series of Blog Posts in that here is what we plan on doing; each day we will investigate an individual topic, ask a question, and then the following day we will give you the correct answer.  We would love to have you respond today with your answer just to keep track of everyone’s score.  There will be a total of thirteen questions.

This series of questions and answers all come from The US Department of Energy in Washington, we want to recognize and thank The DOE for their work.

Question number ONE;

  1.  What accounts for the most energy use in American homes?
    1. Heating and Cooling
    2. Electronics
    3. Water Heating
    4. Appliances

Tune in tomorrow to find out the correct answer.  Let everyone know your answer and tomorrow we will let everyone know ………………………………….

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