What is a fully developed building lot?

Today let’s finish the work necessary to have your building lot be a complete building lot that is fully developed.  That mean you have the following:

  1. Water – we’ve talked about water yesterday.
  2. Sewer / septic – the topic of sewer was talked about last Friday
  3. Electric Power – that’s today

When you are looking for your “dream building lot” don’t overlook where the power is located.  Occasionally we work with families that buy land in sparsely populated areas, some so sparsely populated that the building lot does not have electric power.  Granted, this doesn’t happen too often, but it does occur.

When you are investigating a building-lot look at the power and consider:

  • Is there a phone poll near your property?  Out in the country it is important to check out the phone poles, that will tell you how close you are to power and that can add up to a lot of money if you aren’t careful.  Having to install a phone pole or two can be expensive.  It is not something to be scared of but rather something to understand.
  • Which side of the street?  Are the phone poles on your side of the street or on the other side?  That may sound like a stupid question, but it can be significant.  If the poles are on the other side of your street that automatically means you must set at lease one pole on your side of the street, so the wires can get across the road. 
  • What is on the pole?  This sounds dumb but with some practice you can look up at a phone pole and figure out what that mess of wires mean; which ones are electric, which ones are phone, and which ones are cable TV?  These things are important.  Would you mind living in an area where Cable TV is not there?  That would severely restrict your internet connectivity.  Times have changed and buyers’ requirements have changed also. 

Now that you’ve checked out Water, Sewer, and power you are all set to declare that your building-lot is a fully developed lot.  And you thought it was going to be very simple?  It is not complicated once you understand what is involved.

Please call us with your questions and thoughts.  Vermont Modular is glad to look at prospective building-lots and offer an unbiased opinion.  We are glad to help.

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