What happens when it gets REALLY cold

Yesterday we talked about Cold Climate Heat Pumps and how pleasantly surprised I was to see it working perfectly at a clients’ home in Lake Placid.  Don’t forget that Lake Placid is one of the horribly COLD spots in the High Peaks of The Adirondack Park.  The owners were really glad that it was working perfectly all the way down to Minus Fifteen Degrees or -15 F, that’s fifteen degrees less than zero.  Yikes that is cold!

But………………, what happens when it gets colder than -15 ?  Actually the answer is very simple – the Heat Pump shuts off and at -16 you are without heat.  How’s that for a messy situation?

Solution – you will need some sort of “back-up heat” for the times when it drops below minus 15.  Here in the Champlain Valley it seldom drops below -15 but in Lake Placid that happens far more frequently. 

Here in the Champlain Valley a typical winter will see less than six nights where the temperature drops below -15.  Virtually every bitter cold snap happens at night and will last only a matter of hours until the sun comes up and the temperature rises.  Don’t forget all it has to do is get back up to minus-15 which we all know is still bitter cold.

Lots of time people think that in “The Higher Elevations” it gets very cold.  That is not true; the deep valleys is where the cold air drops and settles.

We recommend a back-up heat source that is inexpensive to install as it will seldom be used.  Over the course of an entire year your back-up heat source may operate only a matter of hours; the Heat Pump will take care of all the rest.

The least expensive heat source is electric baseboard heat.  Since the baseboard heat will be so infrequently used, it is pointless to consider how expensive it might be to operate.  Hence – we use Electric Baseboard Heat a lot as it is inexpensive to install and will completely solve your problem of “….what do I do when it drops below -15?”

Your home will be heated 100% with Non-Fossil Fuel and the use of Renewable Electricity is growing rapidly!  Terrific idea!

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