What makes your home POP ?

Home designers and Realtors will tell you that there are three perhaps four things that make a home really POP:

  1. Kitchen – many think of the kitchen as the heart of the home so it is no wonder that the kitchen is so important
  2. Bathroom – this is an intimate and private place where people want beauty.
  3. Floor coverings – the floor coverings in your home are huge and can make such an important impression.
  4. Lighting – lighting is the fourth and often overlooked aspect of a home but none the less very important.

For the next couple days let’s take a look at these design items.  We have recently wandered around the kitchen so today it is off to the bathroom; close the door!

Today’s photograph shows a contemporary Bathroom Vanity that is drawn for a very classic design; it is functional and so beautiful.  The combination of functionality and beauty is so important in home design!  Did you know that today roughly 70% of kitchen and bath cabinetry is painted with one of several shades of white?

Take a close look and you will see a Solid Surface vanity top with an Under Mount sink, this is where both the countertop and the sink are molded into one piece.

Can you imagine the impact this would have on your new home!  Guests would be impressed and if in your private master bathroom this would add a significant aspect of beauty. 

Bathroom vanities are being crafted as though they are a piece of furniture rather than just a simple thing that is needed for function.

Cabinetry throughout your home is a huge asset.  I suppose it starts in the kitchen and then spreads throughout the house.

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