What is a Thermal Bridge?

A Thermal Bridge is a part of your home that transmits heat from inside to the outside.  Or, the Thermal Bridge is a good source of Heat Loss.

Remember, we are trying to reduce Heat Loss to an absolute minimum.  Insulation offers Resistance (R-Value) to the transmission of heat.  Heat moves through insulation very slowly whereas Heat moves quickly across a Thermal Bridge. 

Thermal Bridges contribute to a lot of things:

  • Heat Loss
  • Waste of money
  • Waste of energy

So why would someone include a Thermal Bridge in their home?  Sometimes it is impossible to avoid problems.  The most common Thermal Bridge in your home is your home’s Lumber.  Yup, the wood that your home was built out of is a great Thermal Bridge.  Lumber transfers heat very well and quickly.

Solution – how do we cut back on the transmission of heat through the lumber?  Let’s face it, the lumber is an absolute must, it is what the house is built out of.  We simply cannot omit the lumber!  How do we solve this problem?

  • Use less lumber -  that may seem like an answer that is too easy but it is a very effective way to cut down on Thermal Bridges.  Homes are typically built using 2x6” exterior framing that is 16” on-center (16” oc) yet a home is that built with the same lumber being 24” oc is equally strong with about 30% less lumber.  That is 30% fewer Thermal Bridges.  That is also using 30% less of a valuable resource
  • Use Thermal Barriers – a Thermal Barrier is something that Vermont Modular builds into every home; a 1½” layer of ridged Foam on the exterior of every home that adds to the insulation and also breaks the Thermal Bridge by providing a barrier to the Heat Loss.
  • Combinations – use less lumber and include Thermal Bridges.  There’s a great way to build a Super Insulated Energy Efficient home.  It is what we do!

Tomorrow, let’s look at the Windows.

What do you think? 

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